Twitter is a social networking website that allows people to post up to 140 letters in a post called a "tweet." In comparison to Facebook, Twitter is much simpler and focused on small "microblog" quantities of information. It also is much more accessible to people with cell phones and smartphones.

Multnomah Twitter CommunityEdit

See: Multnomah Twitter Community

There is a small community of Multnomah students on Twitter, with a culture of jokes. Multnomah University also has its own Twitter account, where they post occasional announcements and retweets from students.


Hashtags are a way that a person can create a "tag" that allows people to find all posts on Twitter with that tag. It involves using the number sign # immediately followed by letters. As soon as a space or non alphanumeric character is used, the hastag ends. For example, during Global Missions Conference 2012, Multnomah University encouraged students to use the hastag #mugmc12 in their "tweets", which made it so a person could type in the hash tag, or click on it, and see every post on Twitter that had used it.

In addition to making similar posts easily locatable, hashtags have spawned a form of humor, entialing funny phrases and obnoxiously long tags. This can result in tags that, though unrealistic in being used in another tweet, are intended to simply be sarcastic, like #iwishiwasinhawaiirightnow. These often, however, inspire tweets using the same hashtag from followers of the person tweeting.


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